mission and vision

Gauge Medical will enhance the value of medical publishing, education, and communications through exceptional content, engaging presentation of data, a deep understanding of the audience's needs, and quantitative analysis. We will expand the role of information design in the development and delivery of medical and healthcare information products by delivering digital knowledge products using the best technology solutions.

what we do

  • Expose and enhance existing data. Effective scientific communications require precise and elegant publications.
  • Compare apples to apples. Normalize and centralize key performance indicators to support better decision making.
  • Improve products and services. Use quantitative analysis to enhance your online and offline products, grow your customer base, and improve retention.

company news


Vincent Keane, announces Gauge Medical LLC, relocation to Kirkland, Washington.

company news


GaugeMedical.com launches to expand understanding of critical web analytics for medical media professionals.

Leadership in digital communciations

Vincent Keane, founder of Gauge Medical LLC, is a medical communications and publishing expert with over 20-years of experience in the development, launch, distribution and analysis of educational and promotional content products. Keane is probably best known for naming the Medscape.com web site in 1995. Read more...