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Modern publishing and educational technologies have created a new an powerful relationship with readers, members, and sponsors. Companies that invest in long-term analytics strategies and plan for change while delivering useful data and reports to their clients will grow their businesses. Integration of meaningful metrics can increase efficiencies, grow profits and inform new opportunities today and in the future.

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  • Design a formal analytics strategy. A baseline understanding of current assets and a framework for expansion drive development.
  • Deliver superior reports and data to clients. Apply innovative measures and update your reports with professional information design.
  • Always improve your offerings. Drive product development with quantitative and qualitative feedback from all customer segments.

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Gauge Analytics Strategy

Review goals and past performance, establish key performance indicators, and create the analytics vision for your company.

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Reporting Complete

Meet the growing demand for actionable data with a scaleable, outsourced reporting solution that fits your budget.

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Product Dialogue

Acquire and retain a high-value audience for your programs by incorporating users' implicit and explicit preferences.

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Vincent Keane, founder of Gauge Medical LLC, is a medical communications and marketing expert with over 15-years of experience in the development, launch, distribution and analysis of educational and promotional content products. Keane was as a founding member of the team that launched the Web site in 1995. Read more...