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Non-profit health and medical organizations play a vital role in the ongoing effort to fight disease and improve patient care throughout the world. These critical efforts should benefit from professional analytic and marketing expertise, but are often limited by funding levels and other resources. From communications infrastructure to list maintenance and reporting, associations, NGOs and other groups need actionable intelligence to maximize efficiency and provide the highest quality service.

our solutions

  • Access expert analytics and marketing resources. Gauge Medical is committed to supporting the efforts of non-profit health organizations in the United States and abroad. We work with select groups to design affordable programs that deliver results.
  • Build partnerships to collaborate and share. Comprehensive analytics strategies and proactive data management facilitate communications and support synergies, faster turn-around, and greater impact.

featured services

Membership Segmentation

Mine your existing contacts and their preferences to improve communications and encourage participation.

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Subscriber list maintenance

Maintain accurate lists of members, supporters and subscribers by outsourcing updates to a secure data management solution.

featured services

Reporting Complete

Design comprehensive reports and presentations that tell the right story and encourage collaboration.

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