Industry needs

Response data from education and promotional programs expands and changes with every new technology, channel, and model. This growing wealth of data can provide useful insights, but requires a significant investment of time and resources to understand. Gauge Medical can simplify the data stream from publishers and providers. Aggregated reports, consistent metrics and analytics training will empower you to apply insights and deliver efficient strategies.

our solutions

  • Centralize and merge vendor reports. From program and response data to outcomes studies, organize the data you already have.
  • Ensure consistency across tactics. Encourage standardized metrics and dimensions to support better decision making.
  • Make data-driven decisions. Use quantitative analysis to improve your online and offline strategies, reduce waste, and enhance impact.

featured services

Historic data review

Create a centralized resource from the reports that you receive. The review will standardize data and suggest areas for improvement.

featured services

Metrics and data auditing

Ensure your data sets are meaningful by documenting metrics and sources. Then collaborate with your vendors on requirements.

featured services

Analytics training

Customized live and online training will assist you and your stakeholders while encouraging a culture of analytic decision making.

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Vincent Keane, founder of Gauge Medical LLC, is a medical communications and marketing expert with over 15-years of experience in the development, launch, distribution and analysis of educational and promotional content products. Keane was as a founding member of the team that launched the Web site in 1995. Read more...